Latest News Why Running Should ‘Bee’ Your New Year’s Resolution!

Why Running Should ‘Bee’ Your New Year’s Resolution!

16 January 2020

Why Running Should ‘Bee’ Your New Year’s Resolution!

We’re thrilled to see so many entries to our fantastic running events so close to the start of the new year, especially the new Knowsley 10K!

But ‘Bee’ honest… How many of you are still sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions? Don’t worry, we’ve all slipped up at some point! Or maybe you’re yet to decide on what exactly your New Year’s Resolutions will be?

If you’re like millions of other people, chances are ‘Get more exercise’ will have jogged its way into your considerations at some point. And with good reason!

At The Running Bee Foundation we’re dedicated to spreading the word of health and wellbeing far and wide with our amazing running events (including plenty of upcoming 2020 running events) in a bid to help those in our community and tackle childhood obesity.

So when it comes to getting more exercise, we like to think we’ve got a good grasp on the topic!

With this in mind, here’s why running should be your New Year’s Resolution:

Running events

As we’ve mentioned above, with all the incredible running events The Running Bee Foundation has coming up (including the recently announced Knowsley 10k), there’s arguably never been a better time to get into the sport!

Rather than simply heading out the door every day, our events give you something to aim for and something to train for.

This kind of direction can work wonders as you’re just starting out, especially on the days when you start to question whether or not you’ve made a mistake – you haven’t!

Knowing you need to improve your performance and be in the best condition you’ve ever been in gives you that extra added boost to put that first foot down.

So if you’re in the right mindset and you’re 100% dedicated to making a change this year, enter one of our running events today and give yourself an amazing goal!

Health Benefits

There’s no doubt that running is one of the very best activities to take part in if you’re looking to improve your overall health.

Weight loss, improved cardiovascular function and added muscle strength are just a couple of the more obvious benefits, which have been long-confirmed thanks to decades of research all over the world.

But along with these, did you know that running has also been linked to reducing the risk of suffering a stroke, and even improved brain function?

For example, a study conducted in 2018 found that exercise was directly linked to improved cognitive brain function.

Other studies that have been conducted since have only added to the findings that running dramatically decreases the risk of brain decline, as well as helping to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

In short: Running is very, very good for you! But if you have zero running experience and are worried you won’t be able to get started, The Running Bee Foundation has just launched our ‘MyFirst Mile’ initiative to help you on your way! You can find out more at the link here.


The Running Bee Foundation is committed to providing health and wellbeing support to the communities we serve. But there’s another type of community in the running world…

For some of us, the idea of setting off on a run completely alone is a worrying thought. Whether it’s a safety issue or something else entirely that’s playing on our minds, it simply doesn’t sit well.

That’s why community running groups are such a brilliant idea. Wherever you happen to live, you can be sure that there’s a community of runners nearby.

So if you’d rather run as part of a collective, do some research and seek our running groups close to home. These groups are always welcoming and encouraging, helping you on the first steps of your running journey, whatever your level.


The world around us is filled with spectacular sights, yet many of us will never see them!

Why? Rather than heading out and exploring the nearby area in-detail, we assume we’re already totally familiar and never bother looking that little bit closer.

This is yet another advantage of running. Specifically, running in areas you’ve never been before.

Whether you live in a countrified village or the suburban backdrop of a major city, there’s always something new around the corner, waiting to be discovered!

So the next time you’re ready to set off on your usual tried-and-tested running route, or if you’re thinking of heading out on a run for the first time ever, consider a brand new location.

You never know, you might just find your new favourite view!

Trying something new

The New Year is always a good time to reflect on the things we’ve accomplished and the things we hope to accomplish in the next 12 months.

If you’re one of the people who have spent the New Year period wishing you’d been brave enough to try new things in 2019, 2020 is your chance to make a change!

Why not start 2020 by taking up running? Or at the very least giving it a go!

Our 2020 running events are the perfect place to start: Family friendly events for both competitive runners and newbies alike, they’re a great chance to test yourself in a supportive environment with like minded individuals.

We’d recommend spending a few weeks prior building yourself up to a solid fitness level so you’ve got a good shot at beating, or setting, a great personal best!

To find out more about all the ace running events we have to offer, check out our events listing page here.

And remember…