Latest News The Running Bee Foundation Grant Story: Melissa’s Smile

The Running Bee Foundation Grant Story: Melissa’s Smile

16 June 2021

The Running Bee Foundation Grant Story: Melissa’s Smile

Throughout the course of the coronavirus pandemic, The Running Bee Foundation has stayed true to our cause; To help people #BeeActiveBeeHealthyBeeHappy and offer support to those in need, in order to help them lead a healthier life.

The money raised through our incredible running events has already helped so many reach their goals and improve their overall health and happiness. Now, we’re thrilled to add another name to our list of grantees: Melissa.

Melissa is a young lady dealing with Angelman Syndrome. If you’re unfamiliar with the condition, it often causes several issues with the nervous system, including but not limited to epileptic episodes, and presents itself in the form of other mental and physical disabilities.

For Melissa, Angelman Syndrome is a daily struggle and she requires round-the-clock care. Currently, Melissa relies on her loving mum to take care of her, but the understanding is her condition may worsen as she gets older.

That’s why The Running Bee Foundation is proud to offer incredible people like Melissa and her mum our assistance.

We’re proud to have donated £200 to Melissa’s ‘Smile Fund’ – a fund set up to help pay for any future medical care she may need.

“The grant from you is most humbly welcomed and so very kind,” said Melissa.

 “Angelman Syndrome is a complex disorder with delayed development, epilepsy and many other problems which mean I need 24 hour care as my difficulties will likely increase as I get older. This fund will help provide me with the necessary items or services I will need to help me as I grow to make my life easier and help provide residential care when Mum can no longer take care of me.”

Melissa’s grant was raised from the funds generated by the Knowsley Safari 10K in March 2020 – the last Running Bee Event we were able to host before the pandemic kicked in.

We’re thrilled to offer Melissa, and others like her, the help and support they need to make their lives better.

And you can continue to help by donating here, entering a race here or buying merchandise here.