Latest News The Running Bee Foundation goes ‘All-Aboard!’ with the Manchester Dragoneers!

The Running Bee Foundation goes ‘All-Aboard!’ with the Manchester Dragoneers!

18 November 2020

The Running Bee Foundation goes ‘All-Aboard!’ with the Manchester Dragoneers!

The Running Bee Foundation is always on the look-out for charities, foundations and individuals who have helped improve the lives of others in their community and, ultimately, encourage others to lead more active, healthier, happier lives. Which is why we’re thrilled to say our latest £500 cash grant has been awarded to the truly outstanding Manchester Dragoneers!

If you’re unaware, the Dragoneers are a Breast Cancer Dragonboat team, set in the gloriously tranquil setting of Debdale Reservoir. Formed back in 2012, each week they meet to enjoy exercise and, more importantly, not to dwell on the diagnosis of Cancer. Rather, the team encourages a more positive approach; Being thankful for what life has to offer and, in turn, offering emotional support to those undergoing treatment, their friends, and family.

Vicky Mustill of the Manchester Dragoneers spoke to us about the group, their fundraising efforts, and how COVID has affected them and others like them:

“We, like many other charities, have had a difficult year, so The Running Bee Foundation’s grant has been even more vital than ever. We have had to cancel any fundraising projects that we had planned. I usually host a fashion show that always raises a large proportion of the years’ total. We have started to hold a craft stall at some of the local fetes and lots of us contribute homemade items. During the blackberry picking season, we will gather from the water’s edge where they are out of reach to the majority of people and are usually the nicest. I make homemade jam which is always very popular. But none of this has happened because we were unable to paddle.”

“We were able to get back on the water for a few weeks before the second lockdown and it felt marvelous to be back! Some of the team are vulnerable and have still not been able to return. Whilst we have been apart we have kept in touch via Whatsapp and Zoom, even having a ‘virtual paddle’ with another team! A few of us managed to meet up for an occasional socially-distanced walk, with each of us leading in a different favourite place.”

Thankfully, The Running Bee Foundation’s grant has helped launch a brand-new boat to add to the Dragoneers’ collection! Meaning when things are fully up and running again, more Breast Cancer sufferers and survivors will be able to get ‘All-Aboard!’ with this amazing group:

“Jane, (who is named after one of our team that we sadly lost a couple of years ago) arrived safely earlier in the week. In order to be able to move her, we also needed to purchase a specially designed trolley that she will be stored on and can be used to launch her from. This is what our grant from The Running Bee Foundation has been used for.”

From all of us here at The Running Bee Foundation, we couldn’t have been happier to offer a helping hand!

If you’d like to find out more about the Manchester Dragoneers, visit their website at

Or take a look on Instagram @MCRDragoneers, and visit their Facebook page here.

And if you or someone you know could benefit from support from The Running Bee Foundation, you can apply for a grant at our website here.