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5 Tips to Maintain Social Distancing When Running

17 April 2020

5 Tips to Maintain Social Distancing When Running

The current lockdown situation in the UK (and across the world) has thrown an unmistakable spanner in the works when it comes to going outside and even getting some simple fresh air. So imagine the uncertainty that presents itself for those looking to stay fit and active by going on a daily run!

Running is and always has been one of the most beneficial forms of exercise we have, which is why it’s essential we don’t give it up! Not entirely, at least.

Social distancing measures might make things a bit more difficult for those of us wanting to keep running, or start running, but it’s far from an impossible task. In short, you can still go running and maintain good social distancing.

With this in mind, here are some tips for maintaining social distancing when running:

Choose your running route carefully

Many of us wouldn’t think twice about heading off on our favourite running route. But now might be a good time to reconsider where we run, especially if your usual running routes are particularly busy.

If you’re the type of runner that enjoys running through bustling city or town centres full of people, consider choosing a quieter, more countrified route if you have one at hand.

The less people you need to come into contact with or go near on your run, the better chance you have at staying happy and healthy!

Running without headphones

Who doesn’t love running with music?

Music can be such a great motivational factor when it comes to our runs. Not only does it help pass the time with some of our favourite tunes, but it also pushes us onward to reach our destination and beat our goals!

But despite all the positives running with music can have, now might not be the best time to turn up your favourite playlist when you’re on your run.

Now more than ever we need to be aware of our surroundings, preferably at all times. As fun as music might be, it definitely eliminates one of our key senses that allows us to do this.

But it’s not just vehicles we need to be aware of (you should always be aware of them!); Now we need to keep an eye on any people that may be out and about on our routes too. And you’ve got a much better chance of avoiding any unwanted contact if you can hear people coming, as scary as that sounds!

Remember, safety first.

Follow the 2-metre rule

Wherever you live or wherever you like to run, chances are you’re bound to run into somebody else at some point. After all, everybody else is looking to fit in their hour a day of exercise as well!

We can’t avoid everyone, nor should we expect to. But there are things we can do to help ensure our own safety and the safety of others. Most notably the 2 metre rule.

If you’re unaware, it is now recommended that we each stay a minimum of 2 metres away from each other to minimise the risk of spreading infection. Touching remains the obvious way people spread the disease from one person to another, but by keeping 2 metres away at all times we stand a much greater chance of not unknowingly spreading or catching COVID-19.

This includes when you’re on a run! So, if you do happen to cross paths with another person or walker or runner on your travels, try to stay at least 2 metres apart.


Us runners are creatures of habit. If you’re a regular runner, you’ll be well aware of this! We like to set schedules for our exercise and follow them to a tee. When we get thrown off our schedules, this can make us feel very uneasy.

But if you want to minimise your risk in current times, this might be what you need to do. Based on all the runs you’ve done in the past and the routes you take, you’ll know when certain areas are busier or quieter.

And it’s the quieter times you’ll want to be taking advantage of. Running at quieter times will undoubtedly reduce the risk of unnecessary interaction with others.

There’s the possibility that everyone will have the same idea as you and try to run at what they think are the quieter times, but that all depends on just how many runners there are in your area. Running is very popular, remember!

Run alone if you can

Many of us enjoy running with a partner – a friend or family member who shares our passion for the long road ahead. Running partners are beneficial in so many ways; They keep us going when things get rough, they motivate us to perform to our absolute best. And, of course, they give us somebody to talk to on our more silent runs.

But with the situation how it currently is, running alone is absolutely the best option.

Current guidelines state that people who live in separate households shouldn’t be seeing each other. This instantly cuts out any chance of friends or family who live separately running together, which is very unfortunate. It’s also advised that we should be getting our daily exercise completely by ourselves, with no partners whatsoever.

This might be a bit harsh. But ultimately, this is a sensible way of thinking. So until we get the all-clear from the powers that be, for the time being, you should only be running by yourself.

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Stay safe & keep running!

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