Latest News Runner Stories: Salford City to the Salford 10K

Runner Stories: Salford City to the Salford 10K

27 August 2019

Runner Stories: Salford City to the Salford 10K

Running isn’t just about finishing a race. A lot of the time, it’s about running for something. Something bigger than yourself.

Ryan Deane, the Media and Marketing man at Salford City FC – Salford’s primary footy team – is currently in training for his first 10k and is well aware of the challenging task in front of him.

As any good Salfordian should, Ryan has been taking advantage of the relatively flat course in and around Salford Quays to use as his training ground. This has helped him keep track and improve on his personal best (PB) times.

Personal bests aren’t the only numbers that interest Ryan, though. Thus far into his training he’s been able to lose a whopping 2 and a half stone in just seven months of going to the gym, and around two months of running outdoors, helping him towards being fit enough once the City of Salford 10K rolls around.

To compliment this, he’s also taken up HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) at his local gym, to ensure he will be in the best shape of his life come race day. But you wouldn’t expect Ryan to push himself so hard towards his goals, given his condition…

Ryan suffers from Asthma which on a bad day could severely limit the amount of oxygen he can take in during a race. Not only this, but he also suffers from Arthritis in his left knee and has undergone keyhole surgery (an invasive surgery involving the insertion of a camera to detect joint issues).

You’d think these types of issues would deter Ryan from wanting to compete, but in fact the opposite is true.

Throughout his training process, Ryan has found that some of his health conditions have actually improved and he credits his unlikely recovery to getting active!

Feeling good is essential if a runner wants to experience any kind of victory, and thanks to his new-found positive health, Ryan is feeling better than ever and intends to make his entry in the City of Salford 10K a memorable success.

But as we discussed earlier, sometimes it’s about running for something bigger…

Ryan will be running on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Society, a charity very close to his heart because of his Nanna, who suffered with Dementia.