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Stretches for Runners: Cooling Down

04 November, 2019

Stretches for runners are a great way to gain a little more flexibility and get your muscles ready for the…

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The Jingle Bee Jog

29 October, 2019

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Do Runners Live Longer?: Running Health

28 October, 2019

We all know that good levels of exercise can have dramatically positive impacts on our health. And one of the…

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Foundation to help fund Health and Wellbeing initiatives for Young Mancunians

22 October, 2019

The Running Bee Foundation has granted it’s very first Mo Done Community Award of £5,000 to Young Manchester to help…

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Safety Tips for Runners: Top Tips

21 October, 2019

As we all know by now, there are so many benefits to running regularly that it would almost be a…

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Runner’s Story: Rachel Harris

16 October, 2019

I ran my first ever race in May 2017. I did this to force myself to get fit for my wedding…

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Runner’s Story: Russell Cowell

15 October, 2019

"We are running the Preston 10k for Parkinsons UK as it is an issue close to many people's hearts including…

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Breathing When Running: Are You Forgetting to Breathe?

14 October, 2019

Many of us who enjoy running regularly will openly admit that there is one, if not a few things we’d…

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Recovery for Runners: Why it’s Essential

09 October, 2019

Once we begin training for a race it can become incredibly easy to get hooked on the ‘buzz’ of physical…

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Diet Tips for Beginner Runners

04 October, 2019

When it comes to diet tips for beginner runners, there’s a tidal wave of info available in books and on…

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