Latest News Imogen, Elliot & MyFirst Virtual Mile!

Imogen, Elliot & MyFirst Virtual Mile!

29 May 2020

Imogen, Elliot & MyFirst Virtual Mile!

When the COVID-19 pandemic began expanding across the country and the nation was put into lockdown, there were countless uncertainties we would have to deal with. For many people who enjoy staying active, this became an immediate concern. And while there were certain restrictions in place about how much outdoor exercise you could have per day, it has been remarkable to see the many inventive ways people have been staying active while sticking to the government’s rules. One of these ways was MyFirst Virtual Mile!

A brand new initiative from The Running Bee Foundation, MyFirst Virtual Mile was created to encourage people to #BeeActiveBeeHealthyBeeHappy during these difficult times and to complete one mile’s worth of exercise in a variety of different ways. With specific emphasis on young people and encouraging an active, healthy lifestyle from a young age, we were delighted to see MyFirst Virtual Mile strike a chord with young people and parents up and down the borough.

Those young people included Imogen and Elliot.

Along with their mum Ceri, Imogen and Elliot soon became frustrated with the lack of exercise activities they could participate in, due to the arrival and restrictions of COVID-19. They’re used to joining in with various activity clubs with other kids in their local area. But, like many others, they needed to find a solution on how to stay active in a totally new way.

Enter: MyFirst Virtual Mile!

Offering just the kind of challenge they were looking for, Imogen and Elliot soon got to work getting active once again, in the hopes of achieving enough exercise to complete their Mile in record time.

The duo’s mum Ceri highlighted just how taking part in the MyFirst Virtual Mile was the perfect step towards normality for the family again:

Imogen and Elliot are really missing all of their active clubs so they are really happy to be taking part in the MyFirst Mile.”

Along with MyFirst Virtual Mile, Imogen and Elliot have been taking part in other socially-distant activities in working towards completion of their mile. These include things like Joe Wicks online PE lessons, Yoga, Ring Fit (a fitness video game on the Nintendo Switch), local walks / runs around a nearby reservoir (all socially-distant of course), challenges from Beth Tweddle Gymnastics and so on. The pair really are fitness fanatics in the making!

But one aspect of their exercise they’ve found to truly push them to complete their mile is the support from the East Cheshire Harriers; An athletics club based in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside, the Harriers have posted regular challenges and activities for the two budding fitness gurus to complete – which all goes towards completing the MyFirst Virtual Mile!

Ceri is also thrilled her little ones have been in regular contact with their PE teachers from school, who have also been helpful in working towards completing their mile. She said:

“We’re carrying on with the challenges set from Hayley at East Cheshire Harriers. We’re also completing some training / PE lessons that are being set weekly for Imogen from one of her year 4 teachers – he’s the PE lead so sends great training ideas including Fartlek, HIIT and Spartan training! We have also found a nice country lane on a hill by us so they’ve also done some hill runs in the lovely sunshine.”

From the sounds of it, these Spartan warriors will be finding a way to fit some fitness into their own routines come rain or come shine! They’re proving to be an inspiration to young people everywhere and all of us here at The Running Bee Foundation can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

We’ll surely BEE seeing them at some of our amazing running events very soon!