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How to Maintain Motivation Working Out at Home

5 May 2020

How to Maintain Motivation Working Out at Home

Running regularly lights a fire in us; A kind of self-sufficient motivation that we know will emerge whenever we step out for a light or testing training session. But right now many of us are running a heck of a lot less or are sticking to working out at home due to government advice and lockdown restrictions.

For those of us that use running not only to stay healthy but to keep some kind of regularity to our routine, this can make things very difficult and the motivation that we are used to can begin to slowly fade.

If you need to keep your spirits high in your new workout situation, here are a few tips on maintaining motivation when working out at home:

Group workout sessions

There’s a reason so many people run as part of a team or group; Not just because it’s a lot more fun running with your friends! But because groups provide the kind of support you need when training gets super tough.

They can give you the kind of motivation you might be missing right now and help push you onward towards the finish line with ample energy and enthusiasm to spare! 

But right now, without that motivation, it could mean you’ve got absolutely no enthusiasm whatsoever to lift a single weight or do a single lap of your garden, right? That’s why you need to look into group workout sessions that are happening online!

Chances are, if you’re already part of a particular exercise community, somebody will have at the very least suggested working out together over a video chat app (Zoom is extremely popular at the moment!). So if you do have an online group workout session with friends, family or otherwise, take advantage! Your fellow runners and exercise junkies will be in exactly the same boat as you, so help each other find that spark that keeps your legs moving and your muscles burning!

Regular workout routines

Some runners lace up their running shoes and head out the door whenever the moment strikes them. Each to their own! But most runners like to stick to a specific schedule when it comes to running. An hour in the morning, an hour in the evening, an hour at lunch etc.

On the face of things this is so they can balance everything else that’s going on in their life (work, family etc)  as well as fitting in some much needed exercise. But having a regular exercise routine helps keep our bodies and our mind in order and offers reassurance that at least once a day we will get our fix!

But the current situation has thrown so many things into disarray, including our exercise routines. If you’re used to running everyday and are now switching to working out at home, you may be struggling to adapt to your new fitness techniques and keeping a regular schedule.

But don’t be disheartened; Just as you were used to running once each day (or whenever you chose to run) you can do the same with working out from home. No, it might not be as enjoyable at first given the lack of fresh air or changing scenery. But once you apply yourself to a new way of working and find a regular routine that works best for you, you’ll soon realise that its simply a case of a simple switch; One way of burning calories for another.

Plus, you may even come to love your new workouts so much you may even stick with them once the lockdown is over! Just be sure you can find the time to fit in both your run and your at-home workout.

Get creative

If you’ve been a regular runner for years and have never really ventured into other forms of exercise, perhaps now is your best chance!

Have you always wanted to explore lifting weights? Or how about yoga or similar stretches? What about push ups and crunches? All of which can be done from the comfort of your own home.

You’ve spent so long strengthening your leg muscles thanks to thousands of regular running sessions, why not focus on strengthening another part of your body to keep things interesting? Using some simple resistance bands is a great way to work the muscles in your back and neck, whereas bicep curls are perfect for working… well, that one’s a bit obvious!

The point is you shouldn’t look at the current lockdown as a bad thing for your overall fitness; Use it as an opportunity to try new things, challenge yourself and keep yourself in shape for when the time comes and the world opens up again!

Besides, we need you in tip-top condition for all our incredible running events! As you may be aware, our events have been rescheduled giving you the best possible chance to enter and achieve a personal best that truly represents your passion and ability.

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