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Gadgets for Runners: Top 5

27 September 2019

Gadgets for Runners: Top 5

Like any sport, running has had its fair share of technical evolution over the decades…

From greatly improved running shoes to performance analysis tech, there is something for every running need in the gadgets for runners market.

But even with all this evolution, gadgets for runners don’t need to be anything too over-the-top and certainly don’t need to break the bank.

At The Running Bee Foundation we help support health and wellbeing initiatives in our local communities through the offering of select grants, so we’re well-aware of the benefits many of these handy tools can bring.

So, if you’re looking for a gift for the avid runner in your life, or you’re looking to expand your running arsenal, here are our top 5 suggestions of gadgets for runners:

Mobile Phone Armband

This one is a particular favourite of those who enjoy running on a regular basis.

If you’re like any other runner, you’ll have quickly figured out that it doesn’t feel very safe to have your mobile phone bouncing around in your pocket (if you have pockets) when you’re out and about for a run.

Everyone has a story of a phone jumping out of someone’s pocket and smashing to pieces on the unforgiving ground below!

Armbands for your mobile offer a solution to this problem. They give you a safe and sturdy place to keep your phone without the fear of dropping it or needing to leave it at home (which we don’t recommend – you should always be able to contact someone should something unfortunate happen when you’re running).

They also make it super easy to access your phone without the hassle of having to stop and take a break.

Feel like you’re in a good rhythm but need to change the song on your playlist? Simply reach over and give your phone a quick tap!

Or perhaps you like to use your phone to keep track of your running progress?  There are countless running apps available nowadays, each with their own merits. A quick check is simply a glance away.

Check out some of the most popular choices on Amazon here.

Now, speaking of music…

Sport Wireless Headphones

Everybody loves listening to music during a run.

Not only is it a great way to pass the time as you move, but it can also be a massive help in the motivation department, too.

Let’s face it: We’ve all felt that sudden boost of energy when our favourite tune comes on!

Having the right kind of headphones will only enhance this experience further.

While they do still work, wired headphones are virtually a thing of the past, given the abundance of wireless headphones available on the market today.

Digging a little deeper, you’ll also find there is a specific market of headphones for runners.

These can be in-ear, over-ear or a mixture of several other clever designs that help runners soak up their favourite music without worrying about getting tangled or snagged on wires.

Looking to up your running music game? Take a look at some of the available choices here.


No… we aren’t miners!

Headlamps are actually an essential tool for many runners who enjoy running in conditions with diminished light or at night.

Next to hi-vis clothing they’re the absolute best way to make sure when there’s not a lot of light, you can be seen by others and see where you’re going.

You’ll already know this, but a headlamp is a simple light strapped to the top of your head, or other part of your body such as your torso, to illuminate your way when running the dark and to make you obvious to oncoming people or vehicles.

They’re battery powered and come in an endless variety of options including size, brightness, fabric etc.

To find one that suits you best, take a look at some of the options here.

Runner’s Smart Watch

Smart watches are all the rage these days.

Many tech enthusiasts are quick to jump on the smart watch bandwagon whenever a new model is released, much like models of mobile phones, and upgrade as soon as possible.

Apple and Samsung are seemingly dominating the smart watch market.

And yes, they do come with built-in or downloadable app options for runners.

But that doesn’t mean they’re the only choice, or by any means the most popular in the running community.

In fact, smart watches that have been specifically designed to serve runners and other activities do quite well when it comes to sales.

Brands like Fitbit and Garmin have proven this time and time again and regularly appear on avid runner’s Christmas or birthday lists year on year.

These watches can monitor a whole host of different aspects of your run:

Everything from heart rate to stride length and ground contact time and more is covered.

Plus, they usually come with all the features you’d expect from a regular smart watch, like the ability to make and send texts and emails.

Check out one watch that has proven very popular in recent years here.

Cold/Wet Weather Clothing

These aren’t what you might necessarily call “gadgets for runners” but hear us out…

There’s been an awful lot of serious scientific thought that’s gone into developing cold and/or wet weather clothing.

Gloves, hats, jackets and even socks have been advanced and perfected over time, ensuring the runner is kept warm and dry when up against the elements.

Thanks to these types of innovation, waterproof clothing is both breathable and water resistant, as well as many coats and hats being both lightweight and wind resistant amongst many other incredible features.

There are countless popular brands at various price points, so it’s important you do the right research to find the best clothing for you, depending on exactly what you’re looking for!

Whatever gadgets for runners take your fancy, if you think you or someone you know could benefit from a grant from The Running Bee Foundation, hit the button below and apply for a grant today!