Latest News 10 Tips for Keeping the Mind Busy When You Can’t Train – Rhianna Parkinson

10 Tips for Keeping the Mind Busy When You Can’t Train – Rhianna Parkinson

9 April 2020

10 Tips for Keeping the Mind Busy When You Can’t Train – Rhianna Parkinson

Ok, so this Coronavirus pandemic is not an ideal situation to be in and the disappointment of cancelled events and not being able to train properly can be really disheartening, but “the strongest sailors sail the roughest seas” so make sure you keep yourself going through this tough period! These are my top tips on what I’m doing to keep myself busy…

  1. Stick to your usual schedule
    There’s always a temptation to start staying up late and seeing no value in getting up early, but you’ll feel so much better by sticking to your usual routine – plus you’ll be poised to transition back easily when normal life resumes!

  2. Stay physically active
    There are lots of ways you can stay active even when confined to the house. I have been doing back-garden circuit training to keep my strength and conditioning up. Don’t worry if you have no garden, there are free materials, such as online yoga classes and P.E with Joe Wickes every morning which you can do from the comfort of your lounge.

  3. Eat healthily
    Make sure you keep your body fueled with good nutrients, with the extra time, why not prepare some fresh salads or add some extra vegetables to your meals? My personal favourite is a fruit smoothie at 11am!

  4. Video call friends and family
    Make sure you keep in touch with your friends and family – there are lots of tools out there which allow you to video call and have many people on the same call, such as Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime etc. It’s good to keep in touch.

  5. Make a list of jobs you don’t normally get time to do
    If you’re like me, you probably have a list in your head of 100 things you would love to do if you had chance – well now’s the time. Write it all down and tick off jobs one by one, you’ll be amazed how much you can get done.

  6. Make plans for next year
    Ok, so this year is filled with uncertainty, but it doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for next year. Write down things you want to achieve, events you’d like to take part in, and places you want to travel, and plan for 2021 to be your best year yet.

  7. Read, research and learn
    Train your brain and learn something new. There are lots of online learning tools which are free of charge during the pandemic. I’m currently using online course materials to prepare for my next exam at work, but it doesn’t have to be academic – you could research healthy eating recipes or learn more about your favourite hobby!

  8. Have a clear out
    We’ve all got that room, cupboard or drawer that’s just full of “stuff” but we will probably never get round to using it again. Have a clear out, or fill a bag full of things to take to a charity shop after the academic – they will be most grateful to take it off your hands when the shops reopen, and you’ll have a nice clean space!

  9. Get creative
    Try and do something creative, whether its fitness related, artwork, or maybe a cake that you’ve never baked before. With access to our usual facilities somewhat restricted, now’s the time to do something differently. I’ve been mixing up my circuit training this week and creating new exercises with the equipment that I have lying around in the house.

  10. Use your exercise time
    Make sure you use your daily exercise time and go for a walk or run and take in the fresh air – remember to be courteous to other people and adhere to all social distancing guidelines however!

I hope this helps gives you a few ideas of what you can fill your time with during this difficult period. Remember to keep yourself busy and productive as possible, you might even find you have some new hobbies by the end of it!